Old Flings

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Rock/punk from Asheville, NC.

Booking: oldflings@gmail.com


    "We’d like to welcome everyone to a new feature we’re working on here at The 1st Five: Some Kind Of Illuminati. The independent music scene has plenty of websites and ‘zines designed to capture bands playing “stripped down” and “raw” versions of their songs, which usually just means “acoustic versions” of songs. And while that is all well and good, we’ve always felt that acoustic renditions of songs that were designed to be played loud are never accurate representations of a band. Furthermore, live footage of a band can usually be pretty hit or miss in terms of quality and representation of what the band is doing as a whole. We promise the vocals will be louder next time.

    What we are trying to do is do a “full immersion” into covering bands and artist. We’re trying to spend some time with bands and get a general idea as to how the band exists and the characters that make up the group. On top of that, we’re trying to capture bands playing songs in an environment that allows them to accurately portray their music in a live atmosphere. No loud songs reworked for an acoustic setting, and no bad footage bogged down with stage dives and poor venue lighting

    The plan is to expand this project beyond just bands and music, and to cover all different kids of art and production. This is an ongoing project that we are constantly revamping and reworking, but, at the core, we think the final project will turn out to be pretty cool.

    Sometimes, you can watch a band in a basement or at a poorly attended show in an art space somewhere, and you just get this feeling that they are doing something inherently special. It’s an indefinable quality that not many bands have, but, Asheville, NC’s Old Flings certainly have “it.” Maybe its the extremely personal, heart-on-the-sleeve approach to their record, maybe it’s the way that the band mix a nostalgic alternative rock sound with a modern DIY punk approach. Whatever “it” is, Old Flings have it.” - thefirstfive.com

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