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Old Flings

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Rock/punk from Asheville, NC.


    These are our next few shows!

    April 26th (Friday) - Boone, NC @ Wood Circle House w/ Late Bloomer, Viewfinder

    May 11th (Saturday) - Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall for DTFH RECORDS FEST IIIw/ American Steel, Gunner’s Daughter, Luther, PJ Bond, Banquets, Austin Lucas, Museum Mouth, & more

    May 18th (Saturday) - Charlotte, NC Lunchbox Records for TREASURE FEST III w/ Late Bloomer, Mike Bell & the Movies, Bandname, Old Wounds, Torch Runner, Out Crowd, Test of Time, & more

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    Updated Tour Dates!

    Our Florida tour is finally legit! Here are all the dates we have planned thus far for the year:

    2/20/13 - Alston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub w/ Matt Murphy & Adam Haut, Shiksa, Christine Atturio (Matt Evans solo)

    3/1/13 - Columbia, SC @ House Show w/ Death Panels
    3/2/13 - St. Augustine, FL @ Shanghai Nobby’s w/ Basketface, Surfing On Tears
    3/3/13 - Tampa, FL @ Epic Problem w/ Ink & Sweat
    3/4/13 - Pembroke Pines, FL @ The Talent Farm w/ tba
    3/5/13 - Orlando, FL @ Orlando Nights w/ The New Lows, Among Giants
    3/6/13 - Gainesville, FL @ 1982 w/ tba
    3/7/13 - Tallahassee, FL @ The Hidden Hand w/ Springtime, Brief Lives
    3/8/13 - Atlanta, GA @ WonderRoot w/ Burners, Springtime, Brief Lives

    3/15/13 - Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone w/ Late Bloomer, 25 Minutes to Go, One Another, Stepdad SS

    3/29/13 - Birmingham, AL @ The Forge w/ Burners
    3/30/13 - Nashville, TN @ Spaghetti Spaghetti HQ w/ Burners
    3/31/13 - Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Cafe w/ Burners

    4/12 - 14/13 - Richmond, VA @ The Camel for STAY SWEET FEST w/ Aspiga, Broadcaster, Family Cat, Go Rydell, Run Forever, You Blew It, The World is a Beautiful Place, & more

    5/10 - 11/13 - Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall for DTFH FEST III w/ American Steel, Gunner’s Daughter, Mixtapes, Hold Tight!, Arliss Nancy, Museum Mouth, Radio Reds, Blacklist Royals, & more

    5/17 - 18/13 - Charlotte, NC @ Plaza Midwood for TREASURE FEST w/ Restorations, Black Wine, Brick Mower, Campaign, Out Crowd, Test of Time, Center of the Sun, Family Cat, & more

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    Upcoming Shows for April - June
    Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s Spring time and we’re excited for a wealthy bout of shows heading into the Summer. We’re playing a number of small festivals and some one-off’s in Asheville, as well as planning some weekenders for May, June, and July.
    Matt’s leaving for tour on Monday with his hardcore band JUST DIE!, so we’ll obviously be inactive until he gets back. You can check out Just Die!’s tour dates here.
    • 4/20/12 - Asheville, NC @ Gallery MIA
    • 4/21/12 - West Columbia, SC @ Conundrum Music Hall for This is Music Fest w/ Apart, Cinder & Smoke, I Am Carpenter, many others
    • 4/27/12 - Asheville, NC @ The Emerald Lounge w/ RBTS WIN, Lo Ultimo
    • 5/19/12 - Charlotte, NC @ Common Market for Treasure Fest w/ Rubrics, Restorations, Double Negative, Campaign, Black Wine, many more
    • 6/2/12 - Johnson City, TN @ Blue Plum Festival on the Roan St. Stage w/ Cutthroat Shamrock, Mona Lisa Tribal Dance, This Mountain, more
    • 6/25/12 - Asheville, NC @ The Murder Basement w/ You’ll Live (FL), Ents, Doc Aquatic
    • 6/29/12 - Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall for DTFH Fest w/ Mikey Erg, Red Collar, Fake Boys, The Holy Mess, many more
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    Updated List of Shows

    On Saturday, we’ll be heading to Thee Olde Johnson City, Tennessee to meet up with some old friends and hopefully make new ones. And of course, the following Monday, we have the privilege of bringing to you a nostalgic night indeed: THE ATARIS at West Asheville’s own The Get Down!!! You can get presale tickets at the bar.
    See you on the road!
    • 2/4/12 - Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway w/ Sundale, Last in Line (18+, $5, 10pm)
    • 2/6/12 - Asheville, NC @ The Get Down w/ The Ataris, On the Take, The DiMarcos  (All ages, $10, 9pm)
    • 2/10/12 - Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor w/ Late Bloomer, One Another, No Power  (21+, $5, 8:30pm)
    • 2/17/12 - Hickory, NC @ Copperbean Coffee w/ Dear Kavalier  (All ages, $5, 8pm)
    • 2/29/12 - Asheville, NC @ Urban Outfitters (All ages, free, 6pm)
    • 3/2/12 - Asheville, NC @ House Show w/ Ents, Forget Me, Mobius Strip
    • 5/18 - 19/12 - Charlotte, NC @ Treasure Fest!!!
    • 6/29 - 30/12 - Durham, NC @ DTFH Fest!!!
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    Enter the Doomsday Year!

    2011 has been a fun year for us. Over this past year, we went from being a small-time, “on the side” sort of project to giving serious priority to our endeavors and making an effort to construct this band into a true and constant outlet for Matt, Travis, and I. Thus, we are very excited to enter 2012 with a bunch of shows already lined up, with the likes of The Menzingers and the Ataris!

    • 1/13/12 - Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone w/ The Menzingers, the Not Likelys, Homewrecker, Young & Barren [facebook event]
    • 1/14/12 - Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall w/ B-Side Project, To Hell with Babe Ruth [facebook event]
    • 1/15/12 - Richmond, VA @ House Show
    • 1/19/12 - Asheville, NC @ Craggy Brewing
    • 2/6/12 - Asheville, NC @ The Get Down w/ The Ataris, On the Take, The DiMarcos [facebook event]
    • 2/10/12 - Hickory, NC @ Copperbean Coffee w/ Dear Kavalier

    And we promise more to come. We’re also almost finished writing for our full-length record, which will see the light of day through the wonderful Bitter Melody Records!

    Lastly, Matt has two shows in January with his other musical endeavors (Just Die! & solo, respectively) that you should know about:

    • 1/12/12 - Greenville, SC @ TBA, featuring: Xerxes, Just Die!, Code Orange Kids, Apart, Medicine Man [facebook event]
    • 1/18/12 - Asheville, NC @ Hot Stuff Tattoo, featuring: Waxahatchee (PS. Eliot), Chris Head, and Matt Evans [facebook event]
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    We’re all ready for the future!

    Hey you! We have a show booked for 2012 already.

    January 14th in Durham, NC @ Motorco w/ To Hell With Babe Ruth, local tba

    BOOM! Roasted. We may even try to make a little weekend diddy out of it, who knows. We talk a lot.

    We will also be recording a cover of “Crush Us All” by Seaweed for a benefit compilation soon. More details on that as it actually transpires.

    Don’t forget, we will be playing at the South French Broad house in Asheville this Saturday, along with Brick Mower (NJ), Kill You Brain (VA), Forget Me, and Robert Douglas Travis (FB event is here).

    BOOM! Roasted.

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