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Old Flings

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Rock/punk from Asheville, NC.


    Can’t wait to start gearing up for our first show in over three months! Tobeyfest is going to be an awesome way for us to get back on the saddle. Go get your tickets now, they’re only $20 for all of these killer bands!
    Can’t wait to start gearing up for our first show in over three months! Tobeyfest is going to be an awesome way for us to get back on the saddle. Go get your tickets now, they’re only $20 for all of these killer bands!
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    What’s Up for the Rest of the Year

    While we’ve been fairly inactive (at least with playing shows), we’ve been busy getting other affairs in order. So in case you’re wondering what we’ve been up to, here ya go:

    Nonband stuff
    We took off the month of August to spend some much needed time with our friends and loved ones. Springs has also been busy with work and will be out of town for most of September and into October. Matt and I are gearing up to go back to school in 2014 so we can be cool like Springs and have adult jobs.

    Band stuff
    We started slowing down with shows in the Spring and began focusing on getting prepared for a handful of split 7” releases. We will be back to playing shows again right before FEST 12!

    • Oct 27th - Virginia Beach, VA @ Smoked Out for TOBEYFEST with the likes of The Menzingers, The Fake Boys, Candy Hearts, Luther, Turnover, Daylight, and a special surprise headliner! [link]
    • Oct 28th - Asheville, NC @ The Odditorium; our record release for the Break-Ups split 7”! Featuring our good buds in The Fake Boys and Candy Hearts. [link]
    • THE FEST! Nov 2nd - Gainesville, FL @ Loosey’s from 8:50p - 9:20p, along with Tiny Empires (members of O’Pioneers and New Bruises), Late Bloomer, Grievers, Crimes, No Weather Talks, and The Young Leaves!
    • THE FEST! Nov 3rd - Gainesville, FL @ CMC from 1:50p - 2:20p, Matt will be playing an acoustic set! Along with Jesse Litwa of Broadcaster, Max Stern of Signals Midwest, Julie Karr, Born Without Bones, Onward Etc., and many others. 

     And some updates on our upcoming releases:

    • The split 7” with Break-Ups is done and shipping now! Go grab one from Tour Van Records. We will have our copies very soon!
    • The split 7” with The Fake Boys (Bitter Melody Records) should be finished soon and it looks like we’ll have copies by the end of October!
    • In addition to the Fake Boys split, Bitter Melody is releasing a lathe cut of an acoustic track, "Funeral Mixtape" exclusively for FEST 12! The full-band version of which will be on the Fake Boys split.
    • Hopefully, test presses for the split 7” with Late Bloomer (Kiss of Death Records) will be on their way soon. This release may or may not be available at Fest, but we’ll keep everyone posted as we know more. We’re just excited to be working with the folks at KOD! <3
    • UK fans will be getting two exclusive splits from us, both via Speedowax Records. The first one is with NYs Control Group and is available for preorder! The second one is still in the works, so we’re keeping a tight lid on the details for now.
    • Possibly some of the most exciting news we’ve had the chance to give you: Germany’s very own Coffeebreath & Heartache will be re-releasing our debut full-length SPITE in Europe. We couldn’t be feel more excited and accomplished by this. Hopefully we’ll get to give you more details on this development soon!

    That about wraps it up for now. We have no plans for touring at the moment, but don’t worry, we can’t stay away from the road for long. <3

    Long live the broken heart!
    - Jordan / Old Flings

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    The Menzingers - The Obituaries

    We’re so excited to have the chance to open for this amazing band. Come see us share the stage on January 13th in Charlotte, NC at the World Famous Milestone! We go on FIRST at 8:30pm, so get there early!

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    Enter the Doomsday Year!

    2011 has been a fun year for us. Over this past year, we went from being a small-time, “on the side” sort of project to giving serious priority to our endeavors and making an effort to construct this band into a true and constant outlet for Matt, Travis, and I. Thus, we are very excited to enter 2012 with a bunch of shows already lined up, with the likes of The Menzingers and the Ataris!

    • 1/13/12 - Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone w/ The Menzingers, the Not Likelys, Homewrecker, Young & Barren [facebook event]
    • 1/14/12 - Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall w/ B-Side Project, To Hell with Babe Ruth [facebook event]
    • 1/15/12 - Richmond, VA @ House Show
    • 1/19/12 - Asheville, NC @ Craggy Brewing
    • 2/6/12 - Asheville, NC @ The Get Down w/ The Ataris, On the Take, The DiMarcos [facebook event]
    • 2/10/12 - Hickory, NC @ Copperbean Coffee w/ Dear Kavalier

    And we promise more to come. We’re also almost finished writing for our full-length record, which will see the light of day through the wonderful Bitter Melody Records!

    Lastly, Matt has two shows in January with his other musical endeavors (Just Die! & solo, respectively) that you should know about:

    • 1/12/12 - Greenville, SC @ TBA, featuring: Xerxes, Just Die!, Code Orange Kids, Apart, Medicine Man [facebook event]
    • 1/18/12 - Asheville, NC @ Hot Stuff Tattoo, featuring: Waxahatchee (PS. Eliot), Chris Head, and Matt Evans [facebook event]
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    The Menzingers - I Was Born
    From “Chamberlain Waits” 

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